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Dr. Jamie D. Kirkpatrick, PsyD, LMFT
"Helping you to discover your light"




I enjoy assisting couples with
learning the art of fair
fighting and reclaiming love
within their relationship. For
a multitude of reasons, couples come to therapy because they hurt and feel separated from their partner. Communication comes to a stop and they feel scared, rejected, defensive, angry, or they've just lost respect. When couples cannot share their honest feelings with each other and be authentic in their communication patterns, more than likely they make assumptions of what the other person feels and thinks. When assumptions are made, people usually jump to the wrong conclusions as to what is going on with their partner. I help couples break this pattern which would otherwise build resentment, anger, and hurt. As this barrier is broken, each person is able to articulate his or her genuine feelings. As a therapist, I assist couples in getting to the root of their conflicts by helping them communicate with authenticity and become true partners and teammates working toward the same goals.

Families are systems, that are
constantly interworking and
interdependent. They need to be
oiled regularly to keep all the parts 
working and maintain cohesion. Just like a baby's mobile, if one part gets moved, every other part of the mobile moves, creating imbalance and often chaos. In the same way that everyone in a family plays a part in the dysfunction, everyone in the family can be a part of the solution of the relationship difficulties. I delight in helping members of a family discover how each affects the others. We will discover the hurts, the breakdown in idealized or unrealistic expectations, and the overall stress responses occurring in your family. I can provide tools and skills for more productive communication so that each member can be heard by the others.


As you know, parenting is the most important and most challenging thing you will ever do. You have a precious life in your
hands, and with that blessing emerges the most serious responsibility you will ever face. Children are

the products of their individual characteristics and what they experience in their formative years.
As parents, you have the power to make that experience a healthy one or a damaging one.
In raising children, parents should be on the same page with instilling values, as well as designing and
implementing proper discipline that is both consistent and kind.
I can help you learn what your strengths are as parents, to identify your inherent gifts, so that you can
match those gifts with your childrens' gifts, in order to better gauge what each of your children need.

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“…the little girl decided that she could not stand to hear the
butterfly struggling, so she broke open the cocoon and released the
butterfly. The butterfly soared to the ceiling and fell dead to the
floor. It is the fluttering of the wings against the cocoon
that gives the butterfly the strength it needs to fly.”