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Dr. Jamie D. Kirkpatrick, PsyD, LMFT
"Helping you to discover your light"
Services Provided
Everyone is different, so I do my best to tailor my counseling to each person's specific needs and offer a highly personalized approach. And while this is serious stuff, I also often use a lot of humor in the process. No matter what, I will do my best to meet you where you're at.

I provide individual, couples, and family counseling, working with adolescents (age 12 & up), adults, and seniors.

I can help you with the following issues :

Individual Counseling (from ages approximately 11 years old to seniors)
Couples Counseling (including premarital & divorce)
Family Counseling
Trauma & Posttraumatic Stress (PTS)
Dissociative Disorders, including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
Ego States & Parts Work
Stress Management
Spiritual Growth
Parenting Issues
Blended Family Issues
Domestic Violence
Work and Career Issues
Suicidal Ideation
Addiction & Recovery

Teen Violence
Conflict Resolution
Anger Management
Inner Child Work
Life Coaching

 I can be a challenging, but empathetic therapist. I am an active listener and directive, never just sitting and nodding at you in therapy. Together, we'll figure things out and make the necessary changes that can last a lifetime!